This should be a wonderful cake. Peaches, blueberry, crumble topping what more could you want. A more complicated recipe, than last week, as there are three separate steps. Crumble (easy enough), cake (so so) and then jam (The MOTH usually makes jams or jellies, not me). Of course I could cheat by buying blueberry (or blackberry) jam and peach (or apricot) jam and just combining the two. But I won’t. I will follow the recipe.

Luckily we have a freezer full of bags of cut up Golden Queen peaches. Yum, yum, yum. Golden Queen are glorious peaches. Our tree was laden with them. We ate as many as we could. Then the MOTH made peach jelly – mmmmmh – I love peach jelly.  While I made peach and raspberry flakey pastry parcels, peach and apple crumble, and peach puree for pancakes this autumn. Now it will be Peach & Blueberry Streusel Cake! Lets make that two. One for the MOTH and one for work. About time some of the staff I work with get to try my baking.


I’m also going to try a different way to grease my cake tins. Years ago the MOTH’S Aunty owned a café and I managed to get a small container of her fail safe, never stick mixture for greasing any type of baking tin. You didn’t need to line with baking paper you just spread it on. Magic stuff! Sadly I never got the recipe. I did go into a couple of bakeries and enquire – but they wouldn’t sell me any.

However I did find something on Google which I hope will work just as well.

No Stick Baking Mixture

Mix together:

1 cup plain flour

1 cup of  shortening

1 cup vegetable oil

Put into a jar. Keep in fridge.  Apply with a brush.

It looks and smells similar but is less grainy than what I was given.  I  used my fingers to spread it around then pans, as I threw out my pastry brush last week (must add brush to  ever-growing shopping list!). We’ll see if it works.

Oh for fudge sake and flipped waffles!!!! Black smoke rising up from the oven elements. Open door – a cloud of smoke billows out – the cake mixture has leaked from the bottom of the spring ring tin and is now a blackened raising mess on the oven floor. Shut the door. Fudge, Fudge, FUDGE!!!!  What to do?? Dam. So much for 2 cakes!! Open oven again – more smoke. Kitchen is full of smoke. Put partly cooked cake on bench. Throw both oven racks outside to cool. Woops turn off oven! Thank goodness I haven’t packed the metal spatula yet – scrape off cake from floor and amazingly this comes off very easy. Throw blackened cake bits into an oven roasting tray. Turn oven back on but this time to  on to full to burn off any of the bits I’ve missed. More smoke.

Pasny has come to investiagate and heads to the pan on the floor. “No Pansy.” “NO! It will make you sick!” She is eyeing the blackened mess and edging ever closer to the pan which was sitting on the floor.  I said “NO!” She sighs while giving me her sad heart broken look.  I don’t give in, and bin it.

Look at remainder of the cake in the  tin – poor thing.  It’s still half liquid. Oh well throw it back in the oven. I’ll cook it some more – maybe I can save something that is edible. Oven door slammed in digust.

What I need  is coffee!!  Make that strong coffee.

I can’t remember ever seeing smoking billowing from a contestant’s oven on the Great British Bake Off (GBBO). But then again they – the contestants – would crouch or kneel down and peer intently on their creations.  I just put mine into the oven and hope for the best.

The timer goes. Fingers crossed. Cake looks better than expected. Sniff sniff – doesn’t smell too smokey. On with the blueberry and peach jam and crumble topping. Oh for pity sake. Flipping fudge cake!! Just sprinkled on flour and sugar mix that was waiting for the other cake!! Too late – can’t scrap it off as sinking into jam mix. Ummmh, well…. Oh what the heck – just cover with crumble and bake it. Maybe lashings of whipped cream will help?? Will try it on the MOTH – tonight. See if he notices anything amiss. And anyway he loves smoked fish. So he should love smoked Streusel cake too. Sigh.

Lesson learnt.  Do not. I repeat DO NOT use a spring ring tin for this cake recipe!

Please, please, PLEASE let the second cake work! Mixture done – no hic-ups. But what should I cook it in?? Should I put it into a non spring cake tin and then try to remove once cooked or cook it in a glass baking dish and serve it more like a pudding???  Prepare both. Can’t decide which to use. Will toss a coin and let fate decide.


I have used the coin toss to make a couple of major decisions in my life. Should the MOTH and I live move to Australia for a few years?? Heads yes. Tails no. Heads won and we spent three wonderful years in Albury Wodonga, before coming home to New Zealand with our 5 week old baby girl. Should I leave my job (acute mental health and clinical education) at the Tauranga Hospital after working there for 30 years?? Heads won again. Five years later – I have no regrets, leaving the hospital.

Coin tossed  –  glass baking dish and dessert cake it will be.

Two  hours later                                                                                                                                

The house has a smokey odour to it despite being aired out, but at least it has lost it hazy look.  The MOTH, a friend, Pansy and myself have tried the smokey streusel cake – not too bad. Only every third spoonful has a smokey flavour. The GBBO judges would have called it a fail. I call it interesting! Pansy is licking her lips looking for more.

 The second cake looks good.  Perfect nearly. Happy dance.

Dam! I just realised there is a fault with the second cake!! It’s missing a crumble layer!!!  It was suppose to have a layer of crumble mixture on it before it’s first baking. It didn’t. I forgot. Oh dear it has been one of those baking days.

Happy baking!

P.S.  I don’t have a proper photo of the finished cake.  So the lead photo is showing jam and crumble topping going on top.

Oh P.P.S. The No Stick Baking Mix worked great!!


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