This reciepe made a classic pie filled with moist chunks of chicken, ham, loads of leeks, and smoothered in a white sauce. It is a large pie. It will be dinner for at least 3 nights and a couple of lunches as well for the MOTH and me. Luckily I like chicken and I love pie!

Overall the pie was a success,  but with some lessons learnt:

  1. If you want a sexy, smooth crust don’t roll your short crust pastry dough between 2 sheets of baking paper. Sure there is no mess to clean up. No squished dough sticking to the table. No flour on the floor and it was supper easy to move the rolled dough into the cake tin (I don’t own a pie dish!). BUT you will have wrinkles. Lots of wrinkles. I had hoped the wrinkles would smooth out with cooking. But no. My pie needed botox.
  2. A Green Ginger Wine bottle makes a better rolling pin than the smaller Asati beer bottle (Remember glass rolling pin is safety wrapped in bubble wrap in one of the boxes piled in the lounge).
  3. Lard is made from pigs fat. The best lard called Leaf Lard is from the fat from around the kidneys. Dripping is from cows fat. The reciepe asked for lard. No lard to be found in Omokoroa – just Dripping. Another chewed lip moment while I stood in the middle of the supermarket considering what to do. The dripping worked just fine.
  4. You can go to all the trouble making something wonderful for dinner but if the MOTH wants to eat his homemade fish soup for dinner he will!! Oh, fish heads cooking on the stove top have a distinct smell – thank goodness I am still stuffed up with cold!! Can’t smell a thing. Happy dance. Anyway no need to sulk as Pansy is always happy to try my food. She loved the pie!

 I had said I was all a quiver about making pastry, but it was ok. I do have a feeling though that short crust pastry is  probably one of the most basic pastries to master. Puff  and Filo –  sounds like a reciepe for nightmares!!

As it turned out it was the cooking and presentation that were the issues.  A wrinkly top or soggy bottom would not have been met with approval by Paul or Mary. I had both! Under cooked dough – top and bottom, despite the crust being a nice golden brown. I can’t fix the fact that my pie needs a face lift but a soggy bottom? Back in the oven for an extra 20 minutes cooking! Soggy bottom gone! My heart bleeds for the contestants when a soggy bottom is spotted. At least I had the luxury of cooking the pie was as long as nessecary – not so the contestants. If time is up. Time is up! Happy baking!


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