Dried Fruit and Almond Buns



The MOTH can not live by cake alone! Well so he says. I think this is a ploy to get me to bake other things as well as cake. Hence I will expand and start adding reciepes from the other weeks of season 1. With this in mind I decided to do a baking blitz this weekend – the lemon cake, done – see previous blog. Eleven round Dried Fruit and Almond Buns – week 2 – Biscuits and Tea Time Treats, freshly out of the oven and cooling on the bench. Tomorrow I will have a go at pastry and make the Chicken and Leek Pie – Week 5 – Pastries and Pies. The filling doesn’t scare me at all. But the pastry has me all a quiver. I have never made pastry. I get pre rolled pasrty sheets from the frozen section at the local supermarket. My dad, however, use to make wonderful pastry. I still have his glass rolling pin which was his mothers. Currently it is packed in a box, as is ½ our house. I wonder if making good pastry is past down in the genes – guess we’ll find out tomorrow.

But back to the buns. This is a easy and great recipe. Perfection. Mmmh hot buns with butter! I highly recommend. For the dried fruit I used cranberries and tart dried apricots. These buns are jammed packed with fruit and the finishing touch was rolling them till coated in almond flakes.  As I said yum!

I only half cheated when making them – I used my new mixer with the dough hook for the initial kneading. I did hesitated about doing this as I have never seen a contestant use the dough hook. Would Mary and Paul approve? But I have a brand new mixer with dough hook! (me whining).  I’ve never used a dough hook before! (more whining). I was just itching to have a go! So, darn it I did use the hook! So easy!!  However you’ll be please to know I used my hands for the second kneading (so technically a ½ cheat) – this was when the fruit had to be kneaded in. Pansy was very helpful at this stage hovering around my feet. While I kneaded she busily googled up any cranberry, almond flake or apricot piece which didn’t made it into the dough. The floor spotless! So a win win.

Just like the contestants do on Great British Bake Off I decided to weight each bun prior to proving – 110grms each. Very professional!  What – 45 grms left over! Solution – Pansy and I shared the raw fruit filled dough ball. Not bad – but lemon cake batter far superior.

I love how the contestants crouch down peering into the oven, watching their creations bake. They are so committed. Not me. Timer set. It was off to watch telly with a cuppa for me. This is a family fault that I have inherited. I blame my mother. My mother always felt her duty was done once the oven door was shut. Once she baked a large Christmas Cake for 3 days, before remembering!! She had mentioned to me, on the phone, that the house had a slightly charred fruity smell and couldn’t work out why. Amazingly only the 1st  20mm on all 4 sides of the cake was totally inediable and pretty black. The inner part of the cake was just dry. Well VERY dry!  Mum turned it into a triffle.  Happy baking!

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