Well week 2 started with the realization that my timing for starting this baking challenge may not have been the wisest. Why?

For starters next weekend is Queen’s Birthday weekend and the MOTH and I are running away  to Northland for 4 days (I haven’t been past Albany since I was 23) – so no baking for me! Instead we’ll just have to check out as many bakeries and cafes as we can. Who knows what yummy treasures we will find – my waistline is expanding just thinking about it. I had better pack the Quick-Eze.

And two, we’ll be starting major renovations to our house – soon. Plans have been sweated over, tweaked, re-tweaked and tweaked again. But as of Monday they were finally submitted. Now we wait for the green light from the council.

We plan to live in the house and move from room to room while the MOTH does the work. The kitchen will be one of the first areas to meet the sledgehammer. The kitchen is small (see picture), and apricot! I hate apricot – sorry mum. Nothing has been done in the kitchen since I was 18, a mere 37 years ago.

The new kitchen will be black and white. It will have a sexy black fridge. It will have bench space. It will have an oven with a working interior light. It may even inspire me to cook!

I just had a thought! I wonder if we can move the stove around with us – so we won’t just have to make do with the microwave, toasted sandwich maker, toaster, and electric fry pan (must buy one!!)? Crockpot? Need to buy that too!! I haven’t asked the MOTH if it is feasible to move the oven from room to room. Is it?? Must add that to my need to ask list. I can see sighing and peering over his glasses at me. Will ask now!

2 minutes later:

Just asked. His response – unprintable!! For those as equally as ignorant as me – no you can’t as it is wired in – truly I didn’t know that! I thought it was just plugged in like the fridge!! And that is why he is the builder and I am the nurse!

Well I had better get on with baking while I can. Bring on the lemon cake.


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