Chocolate Brownie Meringue Cake with Raspberry Cream

Miranda Gore Brown (who made this cake on the Great British Bake Off)  – what an amazing cake!!  I have never attempted a cake like this and I can only ask how did you do it so perfectly? It was suppose to be made up of 5 layers –  meringue at the bottom, then brownie, cream with raspberries then brownie with meringue on top, sprinkled with chopped hazelnuts and pistachios. Mine ended up with 6.

But before we get to the results I must confess the part of the cake that I like best is the raw mixture. Give me cake batter or cookie dough any day.  I love raw brownie mixture and couldn’t wait to try it. Did I like it. No! Not this one, too sweet. Way too sweet!  I couldn’t  even tell that there was 400 grms of melted rich dark chocolate in the mix. Argh Please don’t let it be this sweet when cooked.

I do not have a chefs Kitchen –  not yet – there is minimal bench space,  we have a slightly battered  30+ year old oven. To make room for the mixer the kettle was banned to the dinning room and the cake tins were on top of the oven. Pansy decided to  help by sitting at my feet – eagerly waiting to eat anything that fell on the floor. There wasn’t much room. Anyway I followed the instructions step by step and baked.

The instructions did say to carefully remove the cakes from tin – and they weren’t wrong. My meringue cracked and crumbled – did I cook it too long?? Even the brownie struggled to stay together at the edges. I am sure Paul Hollingwood would have given me his special look of amusement, before walking on in silence.

Meringue as the bottom layer!!? My meringue certainly wasn’t going to survive being turned upside down (visual – you bake the meringue on top of the nearly cooked brownie). Miranda  – how did you do it?? Oh what to do. After careful consideration I thought to heck with it – the brownie will have to be on the bottom!! Cream, raspberries piled on top of the meringue and then using a very large pancake flipper thingie (present to my husband)  – I managed to get the 2nd brownie meringue layer on top. Parts of the brownie did crumble down onto the bench and somehow made their way to my mouth – mmmmh very rich. The meringue was not an appealing looking top – and nothing like the photo I had looked at – solution – pile on more cream, dot raspberries around and…….. yes a passable looking cake!

Now as I made this cake just before watching the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan – I so rang a friend to join the MOTH, and me for cake and coffee while  we watched the live broadcast. Such a joyous event.

Please note there is no way you can pick up this cake with your fingers  – so  teaspoons it was (sorry no cake forks). Verdict – the cake was wonderful – melt in the mouth, still slightly warm, chocolate rich,  raspberry sharp,  melt in the mouth meringue. Delicious!! And Pansy loved the cream and raspberry – don’t worry no chocolate for her.

Result  3 happy people and 1 happy dog. Bring on  the next cake from week 1 season 1 – Lemon cake with lemon curd and double cream.


One thought on “Chocolate Brownie Meringue Cake with Raspberry Cream

  1. the cake was pure deliciousness, looking forward to the next one. We’ll watch the domestic goddess find her true calling as cake baker extraordinaire:)

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